Remembering Anne Thorp
February 2, 1942 — January 22, 2019

Anne Thorp

Anne had an artistic gift that she displayed in all aspects of her life, from fashion and homes, to events and organizations. Anne had a remarkable capability to organize mentally, events, actions, resources and timescales, thus making accomplishments in the fields of education, culture, and civic engagement.

Anne's leadership was evident early, as at the age of 17. In Rochdale, England she was recognized as "head girl" giving instruction and guidance to over 16 prefects. Teachers relied on her skills to make the school run smoothly.

She studied at a Teacher's College in London in Mathematics and Music. She met Peter, her future husband, at Brunel College of Advanced Technology.

Anne grew her professional skills at the co-ed school in Chiswick where she taught math to seniors. Her ability to visualize complex organizational tasks was evident as she prepared the timetable for each term by melding classes, grade levels, subjects, and staff names into a single working spreadsheet.

In 1977 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Anne returned to University, obtaining Masters and then Doctorate degrees. Her study subject was "organizational behavior" and she taught it to undergraduate students.

Upon relocating to Minnesota in 1982, she consulted for the Bush Foundation, assessing the effectiveness of grants made to various communities in Minnesota, and the two Dakotas. She made many winter-time site visits, often in appalling weather.

Anne joined Saint Mary's University of Minnesota as an academic leader becoming the Dean of Education for an innovative graduate program educating experienced teachers in advanced pedagogy. During her seven years tenure, she expanded this off-campus program from seventy-two students to over one thousand.

Moving to Carmel in 1998, Anne initially dedicated herself to the creation of a "new" home. Designing, painting, tiling floors and bathrooms and making all soft furnishings, even the lampshades, for a house originally built in 1936.

In 2004 she joined the Board of Carmel Music Society, eventually becoming Co-President with Peter. In this role she worked with the Board developing budgets, artist's contracts, event scheduling, grant requests and much more.

Anne was also a mentor to young, and not so young, professionals as she shared her remarkable talents and strategies for success. She became a dear friend, trusted confident, and wise woman for which Anne will always be loved and remembered.

Anne was diagnosed with lymphoma in mid December 2018 and was in Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula from December 31.

She will be remembered by many who saw her concert introductions onstage, wearing a wide range of colorful jackets. We shall miss her.

In her memory, the Board of the Carmel Music Society has created a memorial fund in her name. Contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and listed by name in future concert programs (Box 22783, Carmel, 93922).